Oinopoleion apart from being a highly qualitative cook-house and restaurant is also, as stipulated by its greek name, an exclusive wine – shop of our wines in ex factory prices bought right here at Oinopoleion’s underground cellar.
Oinopoleion serves fresh and savory stews and casseroles, grilled meats and delicious greek meze. It is located at the very heart of downtown Athens, at Psirri, Aischylou 12a street, in a building where since 1928 incessantly wine taverns were housed, always serving the Markou family’s wines.
Apart from the main dining hall in the ground level and the atmospheric underground cellar, a beautiful outdoor secret garden is found in the far end behind the kitchen, blooming with Mediterranean flowers and herbal plants where lovely spring and summer nights can be enjoyed while dining. 
Great care has been taken in the selection of ingredients, beginning from the seasonal local vegetables and fruit, fresh local meats and fresh fish all the way to the extra virgin olive oil from Crete and Kalamata of small producers and friends of the restaurant.
Oinopoleion is all in all, a noble endeavor and an all welcoming restaurant affordable to all.

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