Company profile

With love and inherited knowledge in viticulture and the production of fine wines , the Markou brothers continuing a family tradition of 150 years , founded in 1983 in Paiania, Attica , a modern wine making unit. Today the 4th generation as younger and more educated winemakers, deposit their first tokens of personal dedication and inspiration, uniquely combined with the experience of their fathers.

The high traffic of the winery as well as the speedy reading of contemporary trends resulted, in 2001, in the creation of a gorgeous reception hall within the building of the winery.
In 2006 the Markou family, after the very positive reviews received, created the absolute jewel of the company, the "Wine Museum ", where the architectural integrity, the glamour and history of wine , which diffuses every corner of the area , join forces in making it ideally special .

Timely reading of market trends, the correct prediction of negative developments in the area in question, and the need to ensure consistent quality in all activities of the company, led in 2010 to the creation of «Cave Cuisine», a catering service of exceptional quality.

The company in this way ensures stable and remarkable quality for the events hosted on its premises, but also extends to cover out door events, for corporate and/or non-corporate customers. Considering the hard times we face, the Markou family wanting to enable Athenian businesses in offering the best there is to offer to their employees, founded a department, within “Cave Cuisine”, that caters staff canteens with high quality packaged sandwiches, salads and cooked dishes under the distinctive label “it me”.

Therefore, it is implied that the group through its companies, and its associates - including companies involved in the installation of vending machines- has the flexibility to meet the needs of every client - company.

Finally, the group's management, not wanting to break away from its roots, has revived the tavern founded in Psirri in 1928 by their grandfather. A joyful tavern which specializes in real Greek cuisine and where diverse traditional Greek musical genres are performed live, recreating the nostalgic atmosphere of old Athens away from touristy stereotypes.