Vending machines

“Ampelones Markou Group’s” structure, comprised of catering services’ and products’ companies, succeeds through vertical lines of production, in ensuring the highest and most consistent quality throughout all its activities.
Taking into consideration the trial times we face, the Markou family’s group of companies, wanting to assist companies in offering the best they can offer to their staff, proceeded in the founding of a department specializing in canteen catering and companies’ staff alimentation, under the distinctive label: “it me”.  

«it me» is an integral part of «Cave Cuisine» and it focuses on the production of a variety of packaged sandwiches and dishes .

More specifically, in the Vending field (vending machines) we provide numerous alternatives, tailored to the specific needs of each company.

The new products are manufactured according to the strictest of hygiene stipulations, covering a specific range, of short shelf life, thus achieving the best value for money. “it me” products are available only at selected points and closed markets