“Ampelones Markou Group’s” structure, comprised of catering services’ and products’ companies, succeeds through vertical lines of production, in ensuring the highest and most consistent quality throughout all its activities.

More specifically, in the field of Contract catering (staff catering) we provide numerous alternatives, tailored to the particular needs of each company.

Through «Cave Cuisine» and the «it me» products, our group can offer various catering services to company staff through organized restaurants-canteens which provide hot and cold platters as well as any type of snack, giving thus, to every employee the opportunity to enjoy a truly home-cooked meal. 

It goes without saying, that the Markou family’s group through its companies, but also through its associates, as do companies that deal with the installing of vending machines, has the flexibility as well as the ability to meet the needs of any company-client.

Being fully aware of high-end companies’ intent to always provide their employees with the utmost, in terms of benefits; we, in turn, intent to rise up to this occasion by meeting their demands with optimum products and services, in the most competitive market prices.

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